Ultimate Desire

Luxury apartments- Your ultimate desire

If you have a materialistic personality and you always dream of such a life where luxury and comfort remains your ultimate goal then you need no to worry. Every sane mind aspires for all the comforts of life, as they want to lead a soothing life. Being static in one’s life is not a good thing. You should struggle in your life in order to move towards your goals because that’s the real purpose behind your life. Now here are some core ideas to make your custom home more luxurious. These facilities will be available at luxury apartments so these houses will add up a serene new experience to your life. Let’s mention the most obvious features of the luxury apartments.

It is well furnished with a fine flooring of oak tree fine wood in the living area as well as dining and TV lounge.

Interior Décor:

The interior décor of the luxury home provide a clear depiction of exuberant class and style. The doors of the luxury house come with a solid core panel of very fine and well polished wood. Other key features of the interiors of the luxury house include a luxurious high class master bedroom decorated with a walk in closets. There is an attached well furnished bathroom with bathtubs, and a classy glass door. A tiled laundry room attached to the washroom with well drained set up. Marbled double sinks are available in the washroom. Also there is spacious, airy basement with waterproof ceiling and walls. PVC pipes for the drainage of bathroom flooring.

Well Furnished Kitchen

These double storied houses are furnished with cute cherry tall cabinets with sliding shelves. The opening and closing of the drawers remain very easy due to the efficient magnetic plugs. Durable kitchen tiles are used to decorate the walls of the kitchen. At the center a small dinner table is placed. A highly useful kitchen cooking range along with an attached electric oven is available in the kitchen. The sink region is deep and made of stainless steel material.

Floor Bedding

The flooring of the house is made of well refined oak hardwood, on both the stories of the house.  The bathrooms and dressing room flooring are furnished using beautifully colored tiles. Fluffy carpeted flooring is available in all the bedrooms that give a cozy and decent look to your luxury apartment.

Peaceful/Healthy Environment:

The house décor will be made secure for the residents by some stylish and standardized framing features in the house. Douglas Fire wood is used for the framing of all doors to keep it safe for you. A gigantic durable concrete wall with roof sheathing facility is also available. There is a large garage with a proper door having a durable granite magnetic lock. All the walls are insulated to keep the heat balance of the house well maintained, cutting down your electricity bills. The exterior portion is decorated with a cool natural setting of native trees and shrubs providing a natural environment to relax after tiring routines. Electrical design is very advanced providing ample voltage to all sections of the house.